Corn Pop Makes a Fool of Us in Ireland and the UK


Joe ‘Corn Pop’ Biden is now English. Actually, he is English and only one-third Irish, although he likes to pretend otherwise. His ancestors had slaves, and he’s related to Jefferson Davis’s wife. We don’t know if he was related to the Biden he is talking about in the clip below. he barely makes sense when he talks. It’s a disgrace that the USA is reduced to having this unpleasant, brain-damaged man in the Oval Office.

Let’s not forget that Biden spent his youth as a black, Jewish Puerto Rican who wanted a Polish name.

He also claims he played rugby. Who believes that? He puts himself in the middle of every story, usually as the hero. He’s a complete nut.

What must people think when this old fool rambles with lies and nonsense? They laugh politely, but everything this man says shows the US is no longer the great nation it once was.

Biden confused the All Blacks rugby team with the Black and Tan military force. He’s clueless.

This is insanity. Putting President Corn Pop in charge was a cruel joke. He’s not even a nice person. Whoever is running the show behind the curtain probably hates America. Since Barack Obama and George Soros filled the jobs, we’re guessing they are somehow involved. It’s not just the US we have to worry about. The entire West is a mess.

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