Biden Spent His Youth as a Black, Jewish, Puerto Rican Who Wanted a Polish Name



The clown show, starring dementia Joe

Corn Pop Biden is our first Catholic, Jewish, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Polish President. Today, Biden told Poland’s President Duda that he lived in Claymont, and everybody was Polish and Italian. He felt self-conscious that his name didn’t end in “ski” or “o”.

He’s President Bidenski-o.


Biden the Hero

Biden lies constantly. He likes to put himself in the center of every story as the hero or protagonist whenever possible.

Biden has a fake war story he likes to tell, and he tells a fake story about an Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri. Both were lies.

He hit a “368-foot” shot in the 1974 Congressional baseball game. Only there is ZERO evidence this happened. In fact, a newspaper article shows he actually went 0-2 that year.

Biden’s great-grandfather was a coal miner; only he wasn’t. He was a “mining engineer” in Scranton, Pennsylvania—not a coal miner.

Biden “used to drive an 18-wheeler. The truth is he once rode in a “47,000-pound cargo truck.”

Dementia Joe’s helicopter was “shot at” while in Iraq. That wasn’t true, either. Biden admitted that he wasn’t “shot at,” just “near where a shot landed.”

He finished number one in his class in law school; only he was near the bottom. He won a scholarship and finished with three degrees. Biden didn’t win a scholarship and had one degree.

Biden likes to say he marched with the Civil Rights groups in the ’60s and was arrested. While he didn’t, he did get into the Senate with the help of his segregationist senate friends.

Biden even claimed he was arrested visiting Nelson Mandela—which he later admitted was not true. That doesn’t mean he won’t tell the story again.

Who can forget when he hiked through the Himalayas with Xi JinPing.

Another story he likes to tell is that his son died in Iraq. His son died of cancer in Delaware.

He taught black people to wear a condom.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
9 months ago

More Dementia Babble – he would be a hero in a locked (so they can’t get lost) dementia ward.
Guess it says a lot that he was the Democrat’s selected candidate to be president.
I wonder, is he really as Obama implied, just an Obama puppet?

John Vieira
John Vieira
9 months ago

The words consummate and pathological were awaiting the advent of their master…Go Brandon…

9 months ago

Joe Isuzu Biden.