Corporations, 3 former presidents, Biden to resettle massive numbers of Afghans


Donald Trump’s former top aide, Stephen Miller recently reported that the Biden administration plans to allow any and all Afghans to immigrate into the United States. There is a bill Biden is pushing to give lifetime welfare, rapid citizenship, and no requirements for immigration by Afghans. Afghanistan is a violent, terrorist nation and we would be importing some of the terrorists along with undoubtedly some very nice people.

We should be getting out citizens, residents, and SIVs, not everyone.

Their values do not conform to ours and that is a serious problem.

Now we learn that three former presidents are teaming up to welcome all Afghans to America. Presidents George Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton claim they are welcoming Afghan allies. That remains to be seen. It doesn’t sound like they’re discriminating in any way.

They’re all teaming up with multinational corporations — Airbnb, Walmart, Starbucks, Instacart, Facebook, Microsoft, and Chobani, and others — to bring Afghans to the United States for permanent resettlement and to help fund them.

This sounds like The Great Reset or The New World Order.

To start, we are going to have 95,000 Afghans, the majority of whom were not vetted. There was no plan for the withdrawal, but they obviously planned this.

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Plan Accordingly
Plan Accordingly
2 years ago

Reading about brawls, hatchets through windows, trash talking or an increase in personal rudeness and it is going on.
Had some people pull out of a religious school that I passed up follow me through lights, neighborhoods, parking lots, until I stopped and jumped out.
Are people starting to realize that we are at WAR?
Globalist vs. Humanity and all governments are now weaponized against the people.

2 years ago

Governments love Power! The only way you keep Governments in Check is by executing Tyrants.

2 years ago

Just open the doors wide and let the Terrorist in. This just proves the Communist Democrats plan is Martial Law and then a total take over to a Communist Oligarchy of Communist China design. The only question is, Will Americans allow America to be a Communist Country? I suspect the answer will be no, but it will be messy.

Where is the end game for the Communist Democrats if they actually take over? Why all the immigration? A Communist Oligarchy needs a lot of uneducated slave labor to work the mines. Life long welfare will just indoctrinate the Afghans into Communism from day one. They will not be able to function in a Capitalist system so they will be cannon fodder for the the Oligarchy to keep the Real American People at bay – the Capitalist. You can’t have Capitalist, that results in a middle class and a middle class will challenge the Oligarchy. Think about all the middle class now supporting the Communist Democrats, they will have to go and will not be welcomed into the Oligarchy.

Remember, Afghans went to the highest bidder, they turned on their country because they are basically tribal and just work for the highest paymaster. Their standard of living is so low they will feel like kings on a quarter of basic welfare. Expect the standard of living to crumble everywhere these people are relocated to. Welfare as America now knows it will be “scraps” in the future. No one on welfare will be overweight. We will see South African levels of crime, but Martial Law may actually be a blessing if it restricts movement. Democrat economics will be to just print money and manipulate the currency as the Chinese do. The US Dollar will then be worthless on the world markets. Yes, we are dealing with insane people – Liberal Losers who are committing social suicide.

Alles Klaar
Alles Klaar
2 years ago

O/T-Minnesotastan Supreme Court reverses murder conviction of former cop Mohamed Noor who shot and killed an Australian woman in 2009.

Is this thing on? Infiltrated, surrounded and occupied under a Weather Underground Government, soon to be hunted.

Knife Gun Axe
Knife Gun Axe
2 years ago

The multitudes who will perform acts of terror in order for the big crackdown of a cashless biometric control grid matrix.
Long March fellow traveler Ape Lincoln did say that we would be destroyed from within.

America The Prostrate

In a simplistic sort of way,
Across a desert lit by the moon.
America lay prostrate,
Lulled by prosperity’s tune.

Beautiful thing in a world gone mad,
Everyone knows the lies being spoke.
They spill from the mouths of bankrupt souls,
Leaderless people, morally broke.

The globe spins on, a compact disc,
Television soothes the planet.
Hard drives quietly think away,
Politicians run the gamut.

Prostrate pricks, sucking away,
At America’s aging tit.
Pay up now, or go to jail,
They care less, how you take the hit.

They act as if it will never end,
The Nazis felt much the same.
Fortify your home, your town,
These criminals have no real shame.

The knock on the door will surely come,
Midnight terror of the state.
Theft, lies, fraud and deceit,
Social incubators of pure hate.

Hang from a rope, they surely will,
These prophets of civic duty.
After the riots, the death, the trials,
Before these pirates split the booty.

RJ O’Guillory