COV flashback! ‘It’s illegal to touch other peoples’ tennis balls’



In this clip, Nassau Executive Lauren Curran tells tennis players they can’t touch each other’s balls. Aside from the double entendre, she’s treating them like children. She won’t allow doubles’ tennis and she won’t allow people to touch each other’s tennis balls.

This woman is running Nassau County, Long Island. At least she gave us some memes and jokes after this presentation. This is what she said in May 2020. It began our new normal here on Long Island, New York.


This is what Tucker said at that time:

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The Action Is Bronson
The Action Is Bronson
2 years ago

Bwahaha! Thank you for the daily belly laugh. Reminds me of the Tom Brady scandalous balls debacle.
New from TB, Balls, the fragrance…of champions.
The teevee was just talking about the Australian Open tennis match regarding the Branch Covidiocracy quarantine terminal madness.

O/T-The Terminal Madness It is wildly entertaining and I had to do the rare pass up three people at once twice in one day!
A Beverly Hillbillies caravan was road hogging and ain’t nobody got time for that.
Later some Starbucks ballwashers were all excited or tweeting an update about their coffee break and had to pass up some more as they were at a complete stop in the roadway.
Woohoo! Some groceries are up in here. Aww yea! Me likey.