Cuomo’s policy killed thousands more people than reported but there’s a cover-up


New York likely undercounted COVID-19 deaths of nursing home residents by more than 50%, the state’s attorney general said in a report released Thursday.

Attorney General Letitia James now admits the state likely underreporting deaths by nearly 56%.

Part of the gap is explained by New York’s health agency’s decision to exclude from its count the number of nursing home patients who died after being transferred to hospitals. Hospital and nursing home officials say the state has ready access to that figure.

As of Tuesday, the state was reporting 8,711 deaths in nursing homes statewide. Originally, it was 1,914.

An Associated Press analysis published in August concluded that the state could be understating deaths by as much as 65%, based on discrepancies between its totals and numbers being reported to federal regulators.

The AP then covered up Cuomo’s role in this disaster. Most of the media is covering up his role.


Now the story gets really dishonest after this. Keep in mind that Andrew Cuomo is the cause of the deaths. He made thousands of patients with COV go into nursing homes. He put the policy online and has since removed it. Cuomo also said it publicly.

At the time, he had a mostly-empty hospital ship and the Javitts Center. Nursing homes told him they were not equipped for COV.

Since then, he has lied and said he never issued such a mandate. The corrupt governor also wrote a book congratulating himself for the great job he did.

This is what he said:


Now look at what the AP wrote:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised to take a “special” effort to protect nursing homes early on last spring. He tasked James last year with investigating how nursing homes were complying with COVID-19 guidelines last year.

James said her review found that a lack of infection controls at nursing homes also put residents at increased risk of harm, while nursing homes that had lower federal scores for staffing had higher COVID-19 fatality rates.

“As the pandemic and our investigations continue, it is imperative that we understand why the residents of nursing homes in New York unnecessarily suffered at such an alarming rate,” said Attorney General James. “While we cannot bring back the individuals we lost to this crisis, this report seeks to offer transparency that the public deserves and to spur increased action to protect our most vulnerable residents.”

There is no mention of his mandate, and James appears to blame the nursing homes. They didn’t report the true numbers earlier because Cuomo didn’t want them released since he was on the chopping block. With the help of the media, he has now successfully convinced enough people his order never took place.

He was on this week with Wolf Blitzer bragging about the allegedly great job he’s doing with the vaccine. As he was bragging about how we have to protect our nursing home residents, there was no mention of the nursing home debacle.

Meanwhile, it’s near impossible for the elderly to get the vaccine here in New York.



  1. It’s not like the deliberate winnowing of the elderly and incapacitated by mandating covid patients be housed in nursing homes was not a direct benefit to the state. The deceased no longer require care. Why isn’t cuomo facing a few thousand charges of murder, or at a minimum depraved indifference?

  2. Comade Cuomo considers them as useless eaters now that they are longer consumers.
    They are taking up healthcare coverage that could be used on the future lifetime democrat voters waiting at the border.
    Learn to think like the controllers who hate us and want us gone no matter what the age.
    They are at WAR and sadly only side is participating.

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