‘COV-Psycho’ Joe Sends Out a Hurricane Ian Warning


Huge waves and a “catastrophic” storm surge hit the southwest Florida coast as Hurricane Ian’s “extremely dangerous” eyewall moved onshore.

The Cat 4, nearly Cat 5 hurricane winds are 155mph.

Charlotte Harbor is expecting a 12 to 18 foot storm surge.

The water receded from Tampa Bay, leaving the bare ground exposed.

The water is then expected to come rushing back, and Tampa is bracing for a 6 foot storm surge before landfall this afternoon, the Daily Mail reports

Psycho Joe wants you to know that you must get vaccinated if affected by the apocalyptic hurricane. Does Ian have COVID?

Watch if you don’t believe it. This is crazy, and whoever writes his speeches is crazy.

A reporter tried to politicize Ian. Gov. De Santis torched him into silence.

Ian at 12:30 today:

Don Lemon tried to tie Ian to climate change, and the meteorologist dispelled that notion. Then WaPo wrote a fake story, but as long as you’re vaccinated.

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