Globalists plan the transfer of US wealth & jobs to the world at Bloomberg’s forum


Bloomberg held his elitist global economy business forum this week. The media isn’t bothering to tell us about it, but it is critical that everyone becomes aware of it.

Globalists have a plan to replace individual liberty with collectivism, and they will have the power to do it. Joe Biden is not strong enough to deal with this, even if he wanted to.

Laura Ingraham described the situation we find ourselves in with the globalists salivating over the transfer of our wealth and resources to the rest of the world.

The insane climate solutions alone should terrify Americans. They plan global energy taxes that will devastate the U.S. middle class.

Listen for Dr. Tedros in the clip as he uses Biden’s language about ‘building back better.’ How clever.

Biden won’t make America better, but he will redistribute our jobs and our manufacturing to the world as he has in the past. Only this time, we will be forever buried in The Great Reset.


No, Bloomberg Does Not Care About You

In case you think Michael Bloomberg has our best interests at heart in any way, watch this next clip. In it, he claims the Chinese dictator isn’t a dictator. Incredibly, he claims the Chinese communists listen to their people.

Bloomberg makes a lot of money in China, and that is what Bloomberg cares about. He does not care about Americans or the United States.


Prepare for More Income Inequality

Earlier today, we posted the comments that came after Laura’s monologue from former NSC official Michael Anton.

Anton says the globalist-Democrat agenda is bad for the country, the middle class, community industry, and only enriches the people at the top.

The biggest drivers of income inequality are immigration, undercutting American wages, and bad trade policy, he added. Inequality grows under their agenda.




  1. After 4 decades of the globalist bs, President Trump stopped it; under china Joe it starts where Obummer left it – those jobs are never coming back!! My god, we must have a thorough purging of these vermin. who would destroy us!!

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