Dangerous Trucker Problem Coming


Reports of bare shelves are coming from all over the country. The supermarkets on Long Island are starting to look bare. It seems to be a problem throughout the nation. Joe Biden did nothing to help the supply chain crisis although he claimed he did.

Some of the bare shelves problems are due to COVID and local issues but we have a much worse problem coming and it seems that Democrats want it to take place. They aren’t all mentally challenged as Biden is so this must be what they want.

There are supply chain problems, there’s a self-induced energy crisis, we have soaring inflation, rising crime, anonymous millions pouring across our borders, but then there is the imminent and very dangerous vaccine mandate coming our way. Tens of thousands of truckers plan to quit rather than get vaccinated.

Additionally, a commercial vaccine passport will soon be required between Canada and the US and that means 30,000 cross-border truckers will not operate between the United States and Canada.

Mike Milliam — President of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada — wrote in a letter to Secretary Mayorkas and Canadian officials: “70% of the 700 billion in trade between Canada and the US is moved by truck. This will have a dramatic effect on supplies and services reaching their destination and getting in the hands of those who need them. One needs to look no further than the recent UK fuel shortage, where the military had to be brought in to deliver fuel as a result of a lack of truck drivers. We are already seeing shortages, if these shortages reach critical levels on items such as fuel, food, blood, medicine, or medical supplies, we will see real long-lasting damage.”

Crisis after crisis brought to you by socialist Democrats.

Literally, no one seems to care or even discusses it.

There are many other private company workers who will quit their jobs across the nation, but the trucking situation just might be the most dangerous.

Our problems have only just begun.

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1 year ago

On one hand we have the Traitor Joe Regime screwing with the economy to get back at Trump Voters. The first shot was to go after energy production, then more ridiculous lock downs, “Kool-Aid Shot” mandates, and our children. Well, for over 9 months now I’ve been hearing Truck Drivers talking about a “slowdown” when it comes to moving goods to Big Blue Cities so Liberals can feel some real pain. When Liberals start to go hungry they will wake up. Well at least some of them. There is a Cold War in America between the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers and the God Fearing Capitalist Republican Producers. The Producers are tired of Liberal Losers with their hands out wanting a great life paid for by others and are quietly fighting back; for now. Steal and other Election and the fighting will be deafening. The America Government continually creates a larger Consumer Economy with paperwork jobs to gather ever more information on The People and that just adds more and more overhead to the Economy. Healthy Economies Manufacture Goods. The Federal Government should never have been allowed to exceed 5% of GDP. Today, the Federal Government is a de-facto Communist Redistribution Government and that is un-American! The People are no longer going to stand for it. The People are tired of a Corrupt Communist Government. We want out Constitutional Republic back, and most certainly don’t want to live in a Mob Rule Democracy.

Americans don’t need Communist Style Central Planning. States and Cities can figure out how to educate our Kids without Nation Teachers Unions screwing things up. In Red States, where People still have a voice in Government, the Cost of living is lower and there are less Homeless. Everything Democrats touch turns to shit. Democrats can’t Govern. We have seen that given a chance, Democrats are tyrants. People are finally realizing that and are fighting back against the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers who are destroying America. We should have identified the Communist College Students back in the 1960s and stripped them of Citizenship instead of allowing them to grow up and get overpaid jobs in Federal Government. America is not full of White Supremacist, it is full of Patriots and American Patriots come in all Colors. The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers bit off more than they could chew when they stole the 2020 Presidential Election; the other 75% of the Nation isn’t amused and we are the ones who make America work. The 2020 Coup is failing! I just hope we go after the Communist this time. There is no place in America for a Communist.

The MUSEman
1 year ago

Shelves bare of food and goods?

Not to worry, as soon as the situation gets dire, with thousands of photos and videos popping up of empty shelves, people waiting in long lines for food, and (inevitably) the short tempers and altercations among consumers as they attempt to hoard goods, the Biden bAdministration will take quick, decisive action…by banning cameras from all stores and their parking lots.


Pants and Boots by Dieter From Sprockets
Pants and Boots by Dieter From Sprockets
1 year ago

We have the high speed rail, oh wait.
Why would the democrat branch of The Party solve any problems and put themselves out of business?
We always hear how the CPUSA is for the working man how about stepping out of the trucker’s way regarding regulations and emissions laws.
I kid, the comrades exist only to burn it all down by any means necessary.

O/T-Bundle mania on AM walk at 10 degrees with three layers of pants and shirts!

1 year ago

Everyone seems to forget…
This is all intentional. Right out of the Democrat’s playbook. Obiden is just the puppet. This created chaos creates fear. Fear creates dependency. And dependency is the #1 way Democrats buy votes to stay in power. Maybe we should have had a President with business experience?

1 year ago

Thanks Joe, you’re a hell of a POTUS, being led around by your commie handlers. You are turning this country into Venezuela. The American people had better wake the F**k up, these fascists and Marxists are already infesting these blue states and cities.