David Horowitz on our fascist government


David Horowitz was on Newsmax Friday and again spoke about our fascist government. He mentioned the voter registration bill Democrats are trying to pass. He used it as an example of fascism.

HR 1, For the People Act, will enshrine mail-in ballots, outlawing voter ID, and letting illegal aliens vote. HR 1 is a bill to destroy the United States.

“This is a fascist government,” David Horowitz said, adding that he doesn’t know why more people aren’t saying it.

He also gave some advice to Donald Trump.


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Win One for the Gipper
Win One for the Gipper
1 year ago

Control freaks end up controlling nothing.
Useless dullards who want to be wards of the state might love their chains gently resting but no one else does.
The CPUSA has dropped the mask for all to see and revealed what true power mad control freaks they are.

O/T-Local enemedia had a segment on drastic increase in shootings for Capital City and a report about a small riot over the G Floyd incident last summer which blamed the police because they used “excessive force” in preventing downtown from being burned to the ground with teargas and salt slugs from shotguns.
The chief was groveling and azz kissing probably hoping that there won’t be any more wilding.
Bwahaha! Nancy Pelosi is on and a reporter asked what does that (min. wage increase) have to do with COVID, will this put anyone back to work.? A random act of journalism.
Now some blue haired individual is saying that raising minimum hourly wage means no more living paycheck to paycheck.
Why is that a problem of government?

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
1 year ago

The reason more people are not saying it is because of the CANCEL CULTURE