DC Officer describes his horrifying experience with the rioters at the Capitol


D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone was at the Capitol building during the deadly riots. In the clip below, he describes his torturous experience. The rioters were screaming out, ‘kill him with his own gun.’ There is obviously no excuse for this, none, and hopefully, all the attackers will be brought to justice. It’s horrendous.


Some of the mob helped Officer Fanone. He appreciated the help but added, “F* you for being there.”

We showed clips of the people who planned the attack, but we will share this again.
These people are not yet identified insofar as we know. The left-wing poster says they’re right-wing.

No one is reporting this clip of the CNN reporter and Antifa/BLM agitator John Sullivan:

While we don’t doubt that Trump supporters were in the Capitol in large numbers, we are not sure yet who the ringleaders are. The AP believes they are police and military militia and Proud Boys. However, some of their reporting is conjecture. The ringleaders aren’t named yet. People need to start waiting for the evidence before they jump to conclusions. There is always more to know that might change how one perceives a situation.

For example, Mitch McConnell’s and Nancy Pelosi’s offices refused more security six times due to fear of how it would look. The timeline shows the President’s speech ended 56 minutes after the emergency began, and the attendees hadn’t arrived. We also see now that it was a planned riot and had nothing to do with the speech. President Trump was impeached based on the speech with no evidence and without due process.

There are ex-military in Antifa, and Black Lives Matter too. The extremes need to go and let the rest of us get along. But that won’t happen.

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Engulfed Cathedral by Claude Debussy
Engulfed Cathedral by Claude Debussy
2 years ago

Hmm…is that why the offensive Air Force units patch pablum came down shortly after the defiling of the magic lectern in the temple of mammon?
One of them looked like the Jägermeister logo and another looked like a Luftwaffe (German WWII Air Force) unit shield with a devil swatting down planes.
Our external enemies won’t be able to figure out how the fifth column has weakened our military because they don’t have news or www there. (sarc)
The police acted stupidly and the assassinations of the police in Dallas were the intro phases of undermining law enforcement nationwide.
Sadly 95% of this society is not ready for you’re on your own law of the jungle time but that is a feature and not a bug to the burn it all down by any means necessary termites.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
2 years ago

This story just doesn’t sound right
His comment, “thank you but f u for being there”
If those who helped him were not there, the bastards may have killed him

One more thing, wearing a red hat, holding a flag does NOT mean those are our people. Sorry, I don’t believe it. If we were ever able to get the truth, we would learn these were antifa in red hats

But we will never find out just as the FBI supposedly still has no idea why a LeftWing Hillary supporter murdered dozens of likely conservatives