De Blasio sends NYPD to round up Jews — outside in masks


Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, doesn’t want to use the police to halt rioting and looting by his favored groups, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. However, he has found a use for the NYPD, one of the finest police forces in the world.

He has them rounding up Jews again who were outside, many with masks, celebrating Sukkot. Should they start wearing the Star of David on their clothes too Big Bird?

It’s not just de Blasio, it’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Emperor of New York.

He lied to them and told them they could keep places of worship open at 50% capacity but when he made his announcement later, he was back to 10 people maximum. That’s ridiculous. Even a Catholic Bishop came out against Cuomo.

So, they protested and burned masks in the street.

He keeps talking about the Jews causing COV to surge and threatened to close their synagogues and did close 19 of their synagogues and schools. The Jews are going to court over it. However, there are Hispanics and Blacks and Christians and Atheists living in the same zip codes that Cuomo has targeted.

Cuomo did add the possibility of closing churches so as to not sound so anti-Semitic but he didn’t add mosques and they are gathering too.

Liberal Jewish leaders said they will talk to the Orthodox Jews and they realize the governor and mayor aren’t anti-Semitic. They are probably just bullies.

The New York police were using force. That’s alarming.


The good news is the police had to give up.

Video from the event shows police officers — including some from the NYPD’s Community Affairs Unit — imploring the densely packed crowd to follow state law’s intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “Please get onto the sidewalk,” an officer pleads. “You will be allowed to dance on the sidewalk.”

One Jewish man thinks the police were gentler with them than BLM because they’re not black. No, we disagree, we actually think it’s because the Jews are not violent.

Now they are protesting – GOOD! All these people want is to be left alone and live their lives peacefully. Leave them alone.

Is this America???



  1. Police are just doing their jobs, right? It is time to take a stand against corrupt authority. Fight while it’s still possible. How far will Wilhelm and Cuomo go? I see a Nuremburg Trial in your future.

  2. Does the First Amendment still exist or was that deleted by imperial edict?
    The god that failed known as the state must be reigned in or the republic is over.

  3. For many years, despite many friends and associates believing NY still had a chance to come back, I have not.

    By come back, I mean wake the hell up and RID itself of these massively corrupt and damaging LeftWing Miscreants they call mayor of governor.

    Think back to MESS of Dinkins and the remarkable rehab NY experienced under Mayor Rudy. After several years refraining from visiting the city, our family traveled in for Christmas a couple of years after Giuliani became mayor. I WAS SHOCKED at how clean and beautiful NYC became.

    NYC has gone to ruin ever since.

    After Prince Andrew and the utter and complete IDIOT DeBlasio, I cant help but wonder, Have New Yorkers finally come to realize the TERRIBLE mistakes they have made? Or have Democrats managed to flood the state with enough voting illegals and anarchists to fend off real leadership?

    I wonder if there is ANY way they can get Rudy back again?

    This I believe with all my heart, both Cuomo and DeBlasio should be brought up on charges of Crimes Against Humanity.

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