Dem clown world II! Mayorkas says the border’s fine, what a relief!


In our new Democrat clown world — nearly 5,000 illegal aliens, 600+ of whom are children, pouring in a day without suitable accommodations — is fine. Also fine is having no border and no idea at all who these people are.

Every state will be transformed with foreigners who will decide America’s future, not us. Some of the people who will decide are nice and hard-working, and others will be needy, troubled, criminal, and terror-oriented.

It’s all for the cause which is to have a one-party electoral majority with the party of Pelosi and Schumer ensconced permanently.

The ‘transparent’ Biden administration says everything is ‘fine.’ Mayorkas is very unbelievable. In fact, he is going to provide any footage or he might let reporters see the conditions under which the minors are kept under controlled circumstances.


The media is lying about it all. The Biden administration won’t stop with the influx of massive, unassimilated people until every town in the United States is transformed into a more easily manipulated population with no connection to the Founding and what made this country great.
The best example we can give is from Joe Biden himself in 2015 and the country within a country:


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Bulgarian Rice Cakes Turkey Ronis
Bulgarian Rice Cakes Turkey Ronis
2 years ago

It is fine to comrade kommissar, he has to read the script or Chicago Jesus will have him taken out back.
The burn it all down better plan is proceeding fine, nothing to see here move along and maybe learn how to habla because it will be needed.

O/T-Will 13% of the population be upset with all this attention given to other races? (rhetorical)

2 years ago

When Democrats are in Power, all we get is Lies, more Lies, and Damned Lies. I was ready to throw a shoe at the TV during the Mayorkas lies. It is clear that Mayorkas is totally clueless and incompetent and every word out of his mouth was lying propaganda. Look at Mayorkas background and career and you see nothing but a Liberal Swamp Creature. He talked about the Law, but obviously missed school when they were teaching about the Federal Government’s Constitutional Directive to secure the borders.