Dem DOJ Accuses Jeffrey Clark of Conspiracy, Obstruction, Lying?


Even if you trust CBS News, the raid of Jeffrey Clark’s home was in June, and the latest DOJ filing is weeks before an election. That just isn’t done if you’re acting fairly. We believe this is a weaponization of the DOJ/FBI. They are Biden’s Gestapo, not that Biden is very cognizant of what is happening. People in the White House are pulling his strings.

A search by federal agents of former Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark’s home in June is tied to a criminal investigation into possible violations of laws related to false statements, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice, according to a filing from a District of Columbia Bar committee published Wednesday.

It sounds like what they are accusing all Trump supporters of doing. Clark is very reputable. This is equivalent to the Pillow Guy in law.

The real problem is the DOJ/FBI is attempting to destroy the Republican Party pre-election. Jeffrey Clark’s crime is to believe the election was stolen.

The partially redacted filing came as part of an ethics case involving Clark being considered by the D.C. Bar’s disciplinary arm.

Clark has asked for his disciplinary case before the D.C. Bar’s Board on Professional Responsibility be put on hold pending several investigations.

But the office in charge of attorney disciplinary matters, which opposes deferring the proceedings, noted that Clark “has not asserted that he is the target of a grand jury, much less that he has been indicted,” the filing states.

The committee of the professional responsibility board recommended Clark’s bid to defer his disciplinary case be denied.

What a shock. They’re left-wingers.

The Feds raided the home of Jeffrey Clark in June, according to Fox News. The AP confirmed it.

They took his devices.

The Clark name is on the J6 committee roster. The committee subpoenaed him in October, but he didn’t answer their questions. They savaged him, trying to destroy his reputation.

Clark was acting assistant attorney general for the Civil Division during Trump’s final months in office. According to NBC News, Clark believes the 2020 election was stolen.

Clark met directly with then-President Trump about it, avoiding traditional channels.

“Sources close to the investigation exclusively tell The Post Millennial that the raid is part of the Biden DOJ’s probe into the “alternate electors” slated by multiple states in the aftermath of the 2020 election. According to the sources, the investigation is being run by US Attorneys out of Main Justice in Washington, DC. A grand jury has been empaneled.”

Having alternate electors, especially when you are doing it along with the courts, is not illegal. They followed the constitution and did everything according to the courts approval. This entire fiasco is a manufactured crisis.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

In Luke 16, ‘the parable of the shrew servant’, there is a comment: For the children of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than are the children of the light . 
It is all about who serves whom. Is the government the servant of the people or are the people the servant of the government. In the USA it is supposed to be the former and the independence of each person and the persons right an opportunities are supreme. In totalitarian regimes like China it is the later. There is is not just serve, but be a tool, the only use for a life is what the government can gain from it.
From another perspective: In the former there are codes, rules, laws (including a constitution) that sets the moral standard. The goal is the happiness of all. In the later it is all about the ends justify the means, and the end goal is the power and enrichment of the elite.

Biden looks Aryan, but inside he is Chinese.
To put it another way, the morals of an alley cat are better than those of the Biden administration. Those who stole the office of the presidency by lying, cheating, hurting and stealing WILL USE ANY MEANS to keep their ill-gotten gains, just like every other criminal enterprise.
Sadly, the FBI, now being used as the servant of the Biden gang, when a long way in the past to destroying powerful gangster families. People like the Biden gang don’t care what they destroy in their lust to keep power. “They are shrew!”