Dem judge erased Republican’s lead & now 55 ballots were ‘found’


After a Democrat judge declared spoiled ballots unspoiled, Republican Claudia Tenney in the 22nd NY Congressional District won with a 12-vote lead. She was up 28,000 votes on election night in Chenango County against her opponent, Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi.

Miraculously, another 55 ballots were just ‘found.’ There is no chain of custody, and at least 11 of the ballots are from unregistered voters.

Chenango County Attorney Alan Gordon informed Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte of the findings on Tuesday.

“Those ballots were apparently mislaid and never counted,” Gordon wrote.

“I have advised our Board of Elections not to open any of those ballots and to secure them in their offices,” he said.

The remaining 44 could reverse Tenney’s lead, but DelConte must still rule on over 2,000 other disputed absentee and affidavit ballots in the race.

Republicans believe this is a case of voter fraud with Democrats attempting to steal the election.

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