Dem Rep exposes Biden’s shell game on the border


In a rare gesture at telling the truth, NBC Nightly News reported on the border facility in Donna Texas. They showed that the facility was basically emptied out. The children only stay for 24 hours.

They asked Cuellar about this and he exposed the ‘shell game.’

“What they’re doing now is that they’re moving the kids from the border patrol tents over next door to the HHS facility… With all due respect, it’s all a shell game.”

Democrat Henry Cueller actually told the truth on NBC. He said the administration is moving the children to tents next door and pretending it’s an improvement.



Kyrsten Sinema, a Senate Democrat from Arizona, also told the truth. She said, “this is a crisis and we all know it.” Sinema added the number of crossings are the highest they’ve seen in the state in twenty years.

That’s two out of nearly 270.

Republicans aren’t saying much either.



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