Dem Rep: “We’re Fundamentally at War…Through Proxy, with Russia”


US intelligence helped Ukraine sink the Russian flagship, the Moskva. The Bidenistas leaked the information to The New York Times and NBC News who published it. US intel also helped kill Russian generals. The leaks suggest we are in a direct war and Congress and the American people have not been involved.

Then the Pentagon meekly denied it, but admitted we’re providing intel and weaponry. We are sending billions of dollars worth of weapons.

Now we have Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Seth Moulton announcing on Friday that we are fundamentally at war with Russia, although it’s through proxy.

“We’re not just at war to support the Ukrainians, we’re fundamentally at war, although it’s through proxy, with Russia.  And it’s important that we win.”

Is it the right thing to do for America? Who gave these people permission to go to war? Anyone going to address the War Powers Act? Does anyone care that there is an invasion on our own border?

Democrats are incrementally pushing us into a hot war, and no one is rebelling. Where are the pink ladies?


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