Democrats Demand Climate Emergency, Fundraise Using Greta Thunberg


The far-left Democrat 314 Action Fund is fundraising off an undereducated handicapped girl. She is used as a scam that the Left exploits to force through their agenda, and they are still using her. The Left also wants climate declared a national health emergency. That would give Biden dangerous powers.

The Fundraising Email From 314

DEVELOPING FROM NBC NEWS: Biden to announce executive action on climate after failed effort in Congress, but won’t yet declare climate emergency

Climate scientists across the world have been warning that the window to act on climate is closing quickly and irreversibly. International climate activist Greta Thunberg is right: This crisis will only get worse and continue to escalate until bold and aggressive action is taken.

Greta Thunberg

The Left still pushes this indoctrinated youngster with Asbergers and mental health issues as an expert without credentials. She has even spoken before the US Congress at the invitation of Nancy Pelosi. CNN featured her as an expert at a town hall. Foolish believers in a church said she is a successor to Jesus Christ.

We were all told we couldn’t criticize her since she is a child.

We weren’t even allowed to tell everyone that she had a handicap and mental disturbances.

This entire fundraiser and elevation of Greta Thunberg is beyond bizarre for what is grossly exaggerated climate hysteria. These people are nuts, and we must stop letting them get away with these insane screamfests of nonsense.

Michael Knowles was banned from Fox News for saying she is mentally ill, but she is by her own account on Facebook.

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