Alarming! DHS is creating tools to teach children to spot disinformation


Alejandro Mayorkas is working on tools targeting children to teach them how to pick out dangerous disinformation, The Washington Times reported. Mayorkas is the Secretary of Homeland Security who continually tells us there is “no crisis” at the border or fails to mention it all together as hundreds of thousands of anonymous illegal aliens, drugs, and sex traffickers pour in each month.


Mr. Mayorkas’ focus on disinformation also comes as his department is pulled in other directions. They are dealing with ransomware hacks and a border mess that both Republicans and Democrats label a crisis. Mayorkas refuses to use that label — to call it what it is.

He also gave misleading testimony to Congress about the border situation.

During the hearing, he testified that immigrants being caught crossing the border illegally “do have a court date.” But Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chairman Richard Shelby, Alabama Republican, said that contradicted information the department gave the panel.

This is the man preparing tools to teach children what is or isn’t disinformation. It came up at a Senate hearing on domestic violence last week. Mayorkas was asked if he would be open to working to create a commission to help the public see through disinformation.


The question sounded like a set-up as he is already working on it with the Education Department. It’s how the sly Dems introduce ideas gradually to Americans.

“We are eager to have additional resources and additional vehicles to address misinformation and disinformation. I should say that our department is partnering with the Department of Education to develop a program in the K-12 arena,” the secretary said.

The conversation then turned to Russian attempts to use disinformation to foment political chaos in the U.S.

That’s likely a reference to Donald Trump, but it is Joe Biden who just gave the Nord Stream 2 pipeline away to Russia and who will, upon completion of the pipeline, control Europe’s energy sources.

It’s unclear what Mayorkas is preparing with the Ed Department, which now promotes Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the 1619 Project. CRT teaches children to hate whites and America. 1619 is fake history with the same goal.


Having Mr. Mayorkas’ department weigh in as an arbiter of truth is an “alarming” idea, said Lora Ries. She is a former acting chief of staff at Homeland Security.

“The mission of DHS is to protect the homeland. It is not the Ministry of Truth nor should it be involved in K-12 curriculum,” she said.

Ken Cuccinelli was the acting deputy secretary in the Trump administration. He said the move isn’t a carryover from the Trump team.

“There was no previous work on that subject of which I am aware, as we did not view it as an appropriate role in DHS to engage in propagandizing to children,” he said.


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