Dems go nuts over gossip about Trump returning to presidency in August


#TrumpIsNotWell has trended on Twitter for hours because biased Charles Cooke confirmed that Maggie Haberman is right saying Trump thinks he will be reinstated in August.

Donald Trump wouldn’t think that. There is no such thing as being reinstated. The whole fake news story, a specialty of Maggie Haberman’s, is absurd.

If you go to Cooke’s article at National Review, you will find it’s all opinion backed up by his alleged anonymous sources. He is backing Haberman who also used anonymous sources.

This is confirmation? You just have to take their word for it.

Actually, I heard Joseph Goebbels confirmed it too.

Bill O’Reilly just met with Donald Trump and he said Trump didn’t say a word about being “reinstated.” Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump laughed it off on Fox & Friends.


This is the media starving for Donald Trump news because they’re nothing without him. They ain’t got nothing else, you know, man. Biden‘s a bore at best.

Cable, including Fox News, which is the highest-rated, are shedding viewers.

Without Trump to trash, the fake news people — propagandists — have nothing else to say. If they actually reported the news, Americans would be horrified by the border, the Fauci emails, the murders in Chicago and our other Democrat cities, the homeless situation, the failure of our judicial system, the truth about what they are planning for policing and our elections, and so much more. Oh, and they want your guns so you can’t defend yourself as the country becomes more dangerous.


This is a sample of the gossip mongers of the Left.


A rep who thinks it’s okay to spread rumors and damage a person’s reputation with no facts:

They think they can diagnose him:

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