Dems to introduce a bill to make DC a state and the filibuster is in danger


Democrats plan to introduce a bill to make DC a state, giving Democrats two Senate seats and a lot more power. There is a hearing scheduled for next Monday on HR 51, the bill to make Washington D.C. the 51st state of the USA.

It’s likely unconstitutional. How the district is handled is specifically laid out in the Constitution. It appears to require a constitutional amendment to change it. If it were passed, the Black Lives Matter mayor would become a governor.

The Founders did not want D.C. to become a state. They intended the capital of the newly created United States to be a neutral ground for co-equal sovereign states to come together to transact the nation’s business.

It would only pass, likely unconstitutionally, if Schumer ends the filibuster requiring only 51 votes instead of 60.


The only other thing standing in the way of the Democrats passing any bill they want is the vote of two Democrat senators, Kristen Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) who claimed they did not want to end the filibuster. Senator Manchin has already made it clear that he will relent.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer is putting in bills that destroy our constitution. Next week, he’s also introducing what appears to be unconstitutional gun control bills. Ending the filibuster means it will glide through and Dementia Joe will sign it.

Schumer wouldn’t put these bills out there unless he planned to end the filibuster.

Oddly, it only takes 51 votes to kill the filibuster. Democrat leadership is putting tremendous pressure on Manchin and Sinema to end it. It would mean that Democrats can do anything they want, pass anything they want, and it would change government forever.

It is a dangerous power grab and would result in Democrats holding all power of government in perpetuity.

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2 years ago

Day after Day, Democrats prove to us that the Constitution means nothing to them.

The Law Of the Jungle
The Law Of the Jungle
2 years ago

Tell me more about how SCOTUS is going to get it right this time?
Just kidding a we know it’s all a fundamentally destroyed third world banana republic corn studded turd at this point.
El Presidente outfits for all apparatchiks and machine gun mounts on USPS jeeps in the spirit of unity.
Selections have consequences.

Mark D Allen
Mark D Allen
2 years ago

Vile democrats! This isnt even an issue. It is so simple to fix, but simple is something congress cannot manage. Change the boundaries of DC, Shrink it down to just the Federal buildings (White House, Congress, SC, the monuments, etc) buildings, NO residential areas. Move the residential areas into their neighboring states. Problem solved. No need for a Mayor or city council anymore. Win-win!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

The composition of the senate is due to the corrupt Mitch and his disgusting gang of RINOs. They supported the election coup, massive vote fraud, and opposed conservative candidates.

I, and many other conservatives, are and will hold them responsible for what is happening in the USA. No matter how bad the democrats are, I will not pull the lever for any RINO.

This is getting fun in a way, to see how far America sinks due to the incredible lack of decent leadership in the republican party.

And, the courts have gone bad too.