Dems to Present An Abortion Bill That Overrides All State Laws



The Women’s Health Protection Act, already passed by the House, hits the Senate floor on Wednesday. The bill would override all state abortion restrictions.

It won’t pass since even Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski know it goes too far. Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, won’t okay it. The only reason it is being introduced is to incite the mobs and attempt to harm Republicans.

The bill guarantees abortion on demand for up to 23 weeks. It allows the termination for any reason, including gender preference. If you don’t want a boy – kill it.

The third key point is termination (of a living human being) up to the moment of birth can be determined with “good faith medical judgment”. It includes just about any reason, whether mental, physical — anything.

Killing an infant for any reason — a baby ready to be born and only needs to pass through a birth canal — is okay with these people. They say it is not a baby until it moves those several inches.

The worst part of this bill is that it becomes a federal law that overrides all state laws and restrictions, forever taking the decision out of the hands of the people.

They can take their silly novel – The Handmaid’s Tale – and feed it to a pack of wild dogs. It’s nonsense and their arguments are diversions, nothing more.

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