Deputy Press Secretary Retweets ‘Biden Showered with His Daughter’ Tweet


The Biden administration, beginning with Joe Biden and his communication people, is known for embarrassing gaffes. Unfortunately, for Andy Bates, he topped the list this week. However, it was funny as he accidentally retweeted a clip of press secretary KJP responding to a question by a reporter who had changed his name to “Biden Showered with His Daughter.”

This week, we had the Biden medical examination which became the topic of news pundits.

During a discussion of Biden’s recent medical examination, which found the 80-year-old leader to be  laughably “vigorous” and “fit for duty.”

The Australian journalists questioned last week’s diagnosis by the White House physician and showed a compilation of the US president’s gaffes, including his Corn Pop video.

Host Rita Panahi tried to contain her laughter as she said ironically,

“I’m sorry. Yes, no man has ever been better equipped to lead the US and, indeed, the free world than the current commander-in-chief. We’re in good hands, folks.”

It got better with the Biden Deputy Press Secretary, Andy Bates.

Andrew Bates tweeted a video of Karine Jean-Pierre’s response to the criticism that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has received for his slow response to the train disaster in Ohio.

White House staffer Andrew Bates wasn’t paying attention and tweeted a clip that put him in a very difficult position.

The tweet came from journalist Greg Price who had temporarily changed his name to “Joe Biden Showered with His Daughter.”

Since then, Greg Price has changed his name back from “Biden Showered with His Daughter” but it’s too late. The funny retweet is everywhere. The Internet never forgets.

Price said he couldn’t delete it because it’s a government account.

How confident do you feel that these are the people in charge of our national security?

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