Derek Chauvin possibly isn’t guilty of murder and that means the city burns


Officer Derek Chauvin could be acquitted in the murder of George Floyd. The mayor, governor, entire Democrat Party, and the media declared Chauvin guilty without a trial. They set off chaos, lootings, arson, and vicious attacks on the police. They did it without all the facts. Now, if he is acquitted, the radical left will torch the city.

What fools these leaders are.

Protesters in Minneapolis marched to the governor’s mansion Sunday demanding accountability as Derek Chauvin’s trial gets underway. Former officer Chauvin held George Floyd down with a knee to his neck. At that point, he died.

It set off months of violence.

There is so much more to the story as the Left marching around Minneapolis is demanding a long sentence for the former officer.

George Floyd, a criminal who tried to commit a low-level crime at the time of his arrest, had enough drugs in his system to kill him. He resisted arrest during the event that led to his death.

If the police knew about George Floyd’s violent background, that might have influenced the arrest. Floyd had a long rap sheet and once held a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach as his friend’s ransacked her house. She was also pistol-whipped.

The prosecutors threw the book at Chauvin in charging him, including murder charges.

The far-left marchers — Black Lives Matter and Antifa — will try to intimidate the prosecutors and the jury once selected.

The courthouse is now surrounded by fencing, barbed wire, and concrete barricades. Police stations are preparing for the unrest. The community activists are angry about it and insist they want justice, healing, and care. They claim police violence is the problem, not these lunatics in Antifa and BLM.

Meanwhile, the radical left’s Twitter accounts say there will be violence if things don’t go the way they want.

How Chauvin can get a fair trial in this city is a mystery.

Derek Chauvin is the most culpable in the death of George Floyd, but it’s no slam dunk. He might not be guilty. While no one wants to wait for due process, they might find there is much more to this case.

Andy McCarthy, a former US Attorney, warns: It has gotten more complicated due to the trial judge’s lawless attempt to defy a flawed higher-court ruling that, in effect, forced the reinstatement of a controversial murder count — a charge of “depraved-indifference” homicide, which the trial judge had thrown out in October. At this point, the Minnesota Supreme Court may need to sort it all out, which could delay matters for months. Or perhaps Chauvin’s trial will proceed under a cloud of uncertainty.

Chauvin could win this case. For one thing, George Floyd had enough drugs in his system to kill him more than once and he resisted arrest. If Chauvin wins, the true insurrectionists will burn the city down.

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