Dershowitz: “Democrats’ Actions Will Cost Israeli Lives”


Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz stated the obvious in a recent interview: The US decision not to support Israel at the UN makes their position untenable. In this clip, he talks about the Squad, Kamala, and other communist Democrats who have turned the Democrat party against Israel.

The Biden Administration is throwing Israel under the bus in favor of Hamas terrorists, who they call militants.

“The Democrats’ actions, including not vetoing the [UN] Security Council resolution,” Dershowitz said, “will end up costing Israeli lives and hurting the prospects for the release of hostages,” Dershowitz describes the recent motion as a “terrible decision.”

“You can know it was terrible by it being welcomed by Hamas,” he added. “Hamas applauded the American decision and applauded the United Nations Security Council decision. ”

He continued. “If you’re Hamas, why make a deal with Israel because you’re getting everything you need without giving anything up,” the professor said. “This is much worse.”

“Hamas thinks it’s winning,” which he described as “weakening Israel,” and placed the blame for this on the administration of President Joe Biden.

I wonder if he’s aware of the recent State Department decision to listen to Hamas and accuse Israel of raping Palestinian women.

Curtis Sliwa thinks Mr. Dershowitz is finally going to vote Republican. Elon Musk said he is – there’s no choice.


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