You Will Be Very Shocked When You Can’t Use Your Gas Car


The Daily Mail reports that eight states are planning to BAN the sale of gas-powered cars entirely – after Biden unveiled ambitious plans to phase them out by 2032.

California was the first state to adopt the plan to ban sales of gas cars by 2035. Electric vehicles made up 7.6 percent of new car sales in the US last year.

It seems clear that the government will ban gas stations at some point, and they don’t seem to care that you can’t afford an EV.

The rule, first adopted by California, means that automakers and dealerships would be banned from selling new gas cars in these states from that point onwards.

This follows the UN Agenda 2030 exactly. The UN is a dictator’s club and not our friend. If you think Asia or any non-Western country will follow us down this road, think again.

Rhode Island was the most recent state to join the list of states pledging to ban the sale of gas-powered cars, joining MarylandMassachusettsNew Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washington.

According to Money, the District of Columbia has also made the commitment.

Other states have adopted versions of the legislation but have not yet pledged to ban gas-powered cars entirely by that date.

For example, Delaware and Colorado last year finalized rules that would require 82 percent of new cars to be zero-emissions vehicles in 2032, but officials have not adopted 2035 bans.

Traditional gas-powered cars on the road wouldn’t be affected, and drivers would still be allowed to buy used gas-powered cars. Automakers and dealerships, however, would be prohibited from selling new gas vehicles in states where bans are in place.

Democrats are destroying us and our national security.

Please learn about Agenda 2030. It’s ruining my little village in New York with apartment buildings. The UN wants my village to become an urban hub.

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