Despicable NY AG Forced Steve Bannon to Perp Walk in Chains


Steve Bannon was arrested on Thursday on money laundering and conspiracy charges stemming from his fundraising efforts to build a wall on the Southern border.

Bannon is prominent in pushing a “MAGA grassroots movement” and has a popular podcast he runs from home.

He surrendered himself in New York City to prosecutors following the indictment. New York Attorney General Leticia James decided to humiliate him as these radical leftists have done to other Republicans like Peter Navarro.

Allegedly, she pushed to have him put in chains, and perp walked past mediocre media snapping photos.

James said, “After an investigation by my office and @ManhattanDA, Steve Bannon has been indicted for stealing more than $15 million from thousands of Americans for his sham effort to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. No matter how powerful you are, no one is above the law.”

That should include her, but apparently not.

James is very partisan and ran on putting Donald Trump in prison. The only reason to do what she did to Mr. Bannon was to embarrass and scare him and other Republicans. Making him look guilty helps their vicious prosecution.

This Brooklyn Dad with 1M followers is obnoxious on a good day. Someone must be paying him. He’s on Twitter trashing Republicans all day.

Jesse Kelly said it doesn’t stop until we start giving back as good as we get.

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