Despot Biden to Extend COV Emergency Powers


Petty Despot Joe Biden won’t end his powers any time soon. He is set to extend the Covid-19 public health emergency to at least April next year. It was supposed to expire on January 11.

This is two months after Biden told ’60 Minutes” that the “pandemic is over.” It was walked back by press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, but he said it.

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The government wants more time to hand off responsibility for COVID-19 tests, vaccines, antiviral treatments, and other pharmaceuticals related to the virus to the private sector. That’s what an anonymous administration official told Reuters. They are looking at a possible winter surge in cases WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that the US House would continue remote voting through Christmas Day.  They should all come back to work. They don’t work enough as it is.

Biden uses COVID-19 to spend money and pass rules without going through Congress.

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