Despot Fauci’s Back – Talking About Lockdowns and Airline Masks


In an appearance on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on Wednesday, NIAID director, Dr. Anthony Fauci said “you use lockdowns to get people vaccinated.”

That is what people suspected. The lockdown is to force people to get vaccinated. They lie to us about the vaccine protecting people from getting the virus and spreading it to get us vaccinated. Until the breakthrough cases became obvious, we couldn’t prove it. To make it worse, the CDC has been either hiding data or not keeping it up to date.

Mitchell had asked him about the surge in China, and his response suggests his support of the CCP and lockdowns. This is after a Johns Hopkins meta-analysis and other studies show the damage that was caused by his lockdowns. Also, COV has its own dynamics. He made his comments as information comes out about the fascist lockdowns taking place in China

“China has a number of problems, two of which are that the complete lockdown, which was their approach, a strictest lockdown you’d never be able to implement in the United States,” Fauci lamented.

The medical tyrant then admitted the lockdowns are to get people vaccinated.

“Although that prevents the spread of infection, I remember early on they were saying, and I think accurately, they were doing better than anyone else. You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won’t have a surge of infections. Because you’re dealing with an immunologically naive population of the virus because they’ve not been exposed because of the lockdown.”

Naturally, he’s thrilled with the ridiculous forced airline masking. People sit on those planes eating for hours so they don’t have to put their masks on. Masks don’t work anyway and the airlines have the best air filtration system.

The Left is getting ready for the November elections, and mail-in balloting.


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