DHS really really doesn’t want to deport any mentally ill people here illegally


As we reported earlier, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas will not allow any illegal alien deported simply because they are here illegally. Criminals will only be deported if they are a threat by his standards. People who are national security threats could be deported.

However, if the person has any kind of mental condition, they get to stay. They must remain, according to the Biden administration. We can expect that they will put even more of a burden on the already deteriorating system.

Okay, let’s send them up to Nancy Pelosi’s property.

At the same time, the Biden administration is stripping Americans of their rights. Unvaccinated people, for instance, could be called ‘domestic terrorists.’ Even attending a Trump rally could put one on the list. But, we cannot deport the mentally ill.

Can’t all criminals and terrorists make the case that they are insane?

We will keep all misfits and mentally ill. In fact, almost everyone will stay. This administration thinks anyone and everyone can come in whenever they want. Check this out:

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