Did Brennan Leak Plans for Regime Change in Russia in a Tweet?


It’s almost as if the former CIA Chief, who once voted for a communist President, leaked the Democrat plan for Russia in the tweet below. Quoting from John Lennon’s communist song, Imagine, which I happen to like except for the communistic part, Brennan said before the election of 2020, that he imagined a world with Biden as president. More spectacularly absurd to a rational person, he envisioned Alexei Navalny as the President of Russia.

In the tweet, Brennan says: Imagine prospects for world peace, prosperity, & security if Joe Biden were President of the United States & Alexei Navalny the President of Russia. We’ll soon be halfway there.

So, if we’re halfway there with Biden, does that mean they think the administration can or plans to topple Putin? Brennan was the CIA chief and that’s what the CIA does.

Could these Democrats be operating on the notion that they could remove Russian President Putin and replace him with Navalny? With this regime, who knows.

Why did Biden say he wanted Putin gone? He said, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” while addressing the Polish people in Warsaw. The White House quickly took it back, but it seemed quite deliberately stated. Was it the meanderings of a senile man or was it part of the speech?

George Soros, a Great Reset advocate, who has his people sprinkled thoughout the administration, recently wrote an op-ed in which he called for the removal of Presidents Xi and Putin. To think that’s even possible is bizarre. Not only would it lead to World War III, but it would be impossible to replace these two presidents with a puppet of Biden’s choice.

Brennan imagined this would bring peace when in fact, every time the US does this, they leave the country worse off. We IMAGINE quite a different ending to any effort to change any regime with nuclear powers. The US would be best served by staying in its lane and truly leading by example.

Where are those anti-war pink ladies and Cindy Sheehan when you need them?

What do you think? Too conspiratorial?

In any case, check out the tweet.

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6 months ago

Brennan always looks like he just pulled his head out of a pile of dung. Such a friendly jerk.

John Johnson
John Johnson
6 months ago

The song Imagine has widely been panned as being both Communist and anti-Christian. I humbly submit that this interpretation is not the one that motivated John. Of course, he certainly allowed our minds to do what we do best – see what everyone else says from our perspective. But, you need to back off, give the artist his space, and be thoughtful.

So, here is an alternate take on the song, and I think that if you dig through his interviews and famous quotes you will find much support for this viewpoint.

imagine there’s no heaven and no religion, too – John was very well acquainted with the Bible. For example, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, that song title came from Rev 12:1-2. Compare the two yourself; you’ll see. And Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite is a mirror image of Rev 13. Again, take a look, you’ll see, and if you can’t see it go find a poet that can. When John says ‘imagine there’s no heaven’ what he is conveying is his belief that all of the events in Revelation are symbolic and that one needs to resolve then down the earthly events. Be careful, he didn’t say that there is no heaven’, he just says to imagine there isn’t. As far as the ‘no religion’ part goes, John, and many others, including me, see ‘religion’ as being ‘organized religion’. John said, “Jesus was OK; it’s his disciples that muddied it all up. In other words, strip away the organized religion and confront the teaching of Christ directly and you will be much better off.

Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can – Again, this comes directly from the Bible as it is clearly stated in Acts that right after Jesus had been crucified and had ascended that all the followers of Christ lived together and that each and every one if them gave up all their possessions so they could be together worshiping Christ. The real power of this line, though, is to show us living now that claim to be Christians just how far away we’ve fallen from the first wave of Christians. What Christian reading this would give up all their possessions to be with fellow Christians in today’s world? You couldn’t imagine it, could you?

Imagine all the people living for the day – This is a critical, central tenant of Christ’s teaching. He clearly states we should never worry about tomorrow, as in ever. He says we should only live for today, never for tomorrow.

I could go one explaining more lyrics but I got you started. I have to ask in closing, if someone was going to put forth the teachings of Christ what type of person would you expect – a banker from Brussels? Some TV mega church multi millionaire? Who? To me, it’s quite clear that a very insightful rock and roll hippie from the ’60’s best fits the bill.

I must ask, where are all the Christian people today? As a devout follower of Jesus Christ I must say that I finding them to be quite rare these days. There are many Christians in name only, but calling oneself a Christian dies not a Christian make.

6 months ago

I think Brennan is in Ireland, also there is another retired CIA agent in Ireland, Michael Hayden. I believe they are trying to get ahead of what might be coming after them…see my other post, just above your post…..

6 months ago

John Brennan shouldn’t still be sucking our air.

Muh Fweedom Fwies
Muh Fweedom Fwies
6 months ago

Breaking-30 mins ago-Blinky Blinken is out doing damage control after the muh regime change comment.
He says there is no plan for rooting out Pooty Poot.
Enjoy “81 million voters” you got your order!
Comrade Navalny breathes a sigh of relief?