Did Dr. Fauci undermine President Trump or was it MSM distortions


Dr. Anthony Fauci, a lead member of the White House coronavirus task force, appeared to undermine President Trump on Sunday in an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC. He wasn’t helpful to the president during an interview on CNN either.

Fauci has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the NIH since 1984.

In actuality, the media are the real culprits.  In large part, the media is to blame for the disinformation.

Much of the undermining Dr. Fauci appears responsible for is due to the fact that the media distorts everything he says and tries to draw a wedge between him and the President since the doctor is popular with the left and many on the right.

The media believes the tweet below is a message since President Trump retweeted a comment by a candidate for Congress who wants to fire Dr. Fauci. It could mean something or it could mean nothing.

On Sunday Fauci appeared to undermine the Trump administration on CNN with Jake Tapper. He was talking about a lot of “pushback” that delayed the response to the virus, but he probably meant the pushback was from the Chamber of Commerce or one of those groups. The media interpreted it as pushback from the President.

On Al Sharpton’s program, Dr. Fauci made a statement that appears false.

Dr. Fauci said he told the administration “we were in real trouble” from the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus in mid- to late January and that Trump’s travel bans were instituted late.

That isn’t entirely accurate. At the end of February, Fauci himself was telling Americans they didn’t have to change their lifestyles over the coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci told Sharpton yesterday that by the end of January “it became clear that there was community spread, which means that it isn’t just a travel-related case, that there are cases that are in the community under the radar screen, then it became clear that we were in real trouble.”

Fauci added upon questioning that it became clear “we were in real trouble” that “it was probably about the middle to the end of January.”

Only he didn’t seem to know until March as is made clear in the clip at the end. But that is not what he said. We will give him the benefit of the doubt here, maybe he forgot, he’s not young.

The only problem with his comments is the Internet has infinite memory. This is what he said on February 29th:

Raw Story, a popular source on Flipboard, wrote up Fauci’s interview with Sharpton using this headline, Dr. Fauci explains why Trump’s travel bans didn’t work — and he was begging action as early as mid-January.

Most of the MSM reported in a similar manner. The lowlifes on social media were worse, but that’s not real life and does not represent the real world.

Dr. Fauci probably should stick to what he knows — medicine. He’s not the best person to act as spokesperson.

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2 years ago

If Fauci is truly an expert on viruses, he needs to be kept around. Trump has to tell him to STFU with the media, and to STFU when discussing economic recovery. He talks virus and NOTHING ELSE!

2 years ago

I do think those doing models and government medical bureaucrats are suffering from information overload. Because of that they can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m sick of hearing everything’s fine and will bounce back, and here’s 1200 dollars for your trouble. We Are Not Fine, and the system is Not Fine. Rep. Massie says we are weeks away, not months away from food shortages. What are these worthless politicians And those Two Experts going to say when food supplies don’t meet demand. Stores are already showing the strain with government at all levels choking the life out of economic viability. The strain isn’t just within the food industry but is finding it’s way into other sectors that are interdependent. Dammit the country can’t just Pick Up where it Left Off.




2 years ago

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t VP Pence forbade his team from going on CNN until they carried the full daily briefings? Or is Fauci exempt? Plus this article is a bunch of bull. The author needs to do more homework on the Hillary lovin midget. He’s not on our side and you have to be totally blind and or stupid to claim he is. He needs to go and Birx too

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Fauci is lying, has made ridiculous statements, and should shut up instead of appearing on leftist shows. He is a disgrace.

If we had a decent senate leader Fauci would already be leaving.