Disgusting! Jemele Hill calls Manchin a ‘white supremacist, white dude’


Jemele Hill says West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is a white supremacist. It’s another disgusting smear from this racist. If you disagree with her, she will try to destroy you. She gets away with it because it is now the Democrat mantra. White men can be targeted and abused.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) recently announced his opposition to the Democrats’ “sweeping election reform bill.” That spurred on race-obsessed Jemele Hill to call him a “white supremacist, white dude.”

“This is so on brand for this country. Record number of black voters show up to save this democracy, only for white supremacy to be upheld by a cowardly, power-hungry white dude,” she said with the usual venom.

She says divisive things like this all the time.

Black voters, unfortunately, showed up to trash the Republic and vote for an authoritarian Joe Biden. It is Biden and the Democrats who are power-hungry.

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