Disinformation Czar Wants “Trustworthy” People to Control Your Words


Biden’s disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz — dubbed Scary Poppins for her narcissistic Mary Poppins video — gives Americans key information in a newly-resurrected clip. The petty despot only wants “trustworthy” people to have free speech.

Scary is verified and says that only trustworthy people like her should be verified. She wants all verified people to be allowed to edit tweets. In the edit, the verifiable people can add context to other peoples’ tweets.

It puts a whole new meaning to free speech. This is obviously how she wants to conduct business as the idiot child who will control our free speech on the Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board.

No word matters. But man forgets reality and remembers words.

~ Roger Zelazny

She would let people speak but then all of the verified, trustworthy tyrants can edit everything they’ve said. Who decides who is trustworthy? Obviously, Scary and people who agree with her would decide.

Warning, once you see this, you can’t unsee it:

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