Dismantling the USA, Eliminating the Settler Colonizers


The planned invasion at our border is a decolonization project. We’ve reported the country within a country plan that Barack Obama’s staff discussed during his second administration. It’s a similar idea. The progressives believe Europeans stole the land from just about everyone in the world. They are reconquering or decolonizing the country. The professor below says it’s not genocide.

“Land back is going to happen,” Yazzy said in the clip above. “That’s going to happen — the indigenous perspective in Turtle Island and how we understand what is also happening in Palestine. And what we really want you to take away tonight is we’re in the belly of the beast. We’re all indigenous people who come from nations that are under occupation by the United States government.

“The goal is to dismantle the settler project that is the United States. For the freedom and future of all life on this planet depends on that.”

Turtle Island usually refers to North America.


Settler colonialism can be defined as a system of oppression based on genocide and colonialism that aims to displace a population of a nation (oftentimes indigenous people) and replace it with a new settler population.

That’s what the professor above claims the Europeans and Jews did, and their goal of dismantling the US is justified in their minds by making this false claim.

They will tell you:

Whereas colonizers use a logic of commodification to demand that indigenous peoples “work for” them, settler colonizers use a logic of evacuation to demand that indigenous peoples “go away,” clearing the land for agriculture and resource extraction by imported laborers.

The settler project maintains that land is life and is necessary for life. Contests for land are often contests for life. Colonialism is a form of genocide. Settler colonialism is inherently eliminatory but not invariably genocidal since the indigenous people find a way to survive or adopt the colonialists’ ways.

As practiced by Europeans, both genocide and settler colonialism have employed the grammar of race. European xenophobic traditions led them to reproduce unequal relationships and coerced the populations concerned. Indian and Black people in the US have been racialized in opposing ways. Settler colonialism can include child abduction, native citizenship, religious conversion, resocialization, and frontier homicide.

The progressives, who adopt this line of thought, which we see practiced in Critical Race Theory, see European education and labor as a way of racializing black people and natives.

Thus, for example, you must abandon the math of the Europeans.

They believe: Elimination refers to more than the summary liquidation of indigenous people. However, it includes a positive aspect: the logic of elimination marks return, whereby the native repressed continues to structure settler colonial society.

To the people in the clip, including the so-called professor, it means replacing European society.


All you white people descended from Europeans stole indigenous lands according to the communists running the country. There is an Indigenous map where you can see all the land they allegedly own. It lists Indian nations. The only problem is there were no nations when Europeans came to the New Land. There were mostly nomadic tribes. It was basically open land.

We didn’t steal anything. Lands once owned by Mexicans were won or paid for.

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1 month ago

Lock and load…..twice!

1 month ago

If the injuns wanted their land they should have fought harder. Spoils of war. The victor gets the land and whatever else they like. Been this was since the dawn of man.

1 month ago

And WHAT, are they going to do if we don’t want to go away?