Docs show China knew the virus was contagious & kept it from the world


Chinese health officials were drawing up plans to combat the Wuhan Virus, and knew it was contagious long before they told the public. It has now spread to every country and has killed more than 60,000 in the U.S. alone.

The Epoch Times obtained the leaked documents that show Beijing covered it up. China didn’t officially tell the world it was contagious among humans until January 20th when top respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan made the announcement. China was secretly preparing directives meanwhile to regional governments on how to handle the virus outbreak.

On January 15, the regional health commission in northern China’s Inner Mongolia issued a “super urgent” emergency notice to its municipal counterparts, explaining how medical facilities should respond to the new form of pneumonia.

The notice showed they already drew up treatment and prevention measures.

The measures included: hospitals must take measures to prevent the spread and train staff; hospitals were told to set up fever clinics and to prescreen and triage and ask patients if they went to any markets; and finally, they asked hospitals to set up special treatment teams.

They said it was to be internal only — secret — and not to be disclosed.

On January 19, the Wuhan health official said publicly they could not “rule out” human-to-human transmission “but its risk was rather low.”

What a liar. It’s worse than that. They continually attacked President Trump for the travel ban and used the U.S. media to spread the propaganda.

The AP also obtained documents confirming that China knew for at least six days, but this report suggests far longer.

While all this was going on, China was spreading propaganda and still are.

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