Does the White House Think They are Fooling Anyone?


After claiming the US economy was “strong as Hell,” Biden, or whoever controls him, sent out key advisors to the Sunday shows to boast of their successes in keeping the economy strong. Psychedelic, man, as they’d say in the ’60s.

The White House economic adviser Cecilia Rouse said on State of the Union today, “We are starting to see signs that our red hot economy is starting to cool.” Starting? Do these people in the White House think anyone is falling for this?

Who sent her out to lie” She’s the new Susan Rice, who did all the Benghazi lying on the Sunday “news” shows. Maybe she was monitoring some other country’s economy.

Perhaps the White House computers are down?

This isn’t a joke. This is the line they’re going with – the economy is fine. On Saturday, in hot breaking news, Tyler Pager, a White House reporter, said, “President Biden and his Baskin Robbins ice cream. He ordered the double dip chocolate chip in a waffle cone.” He linked to a video of Biden slopping it down.

As he ate, Biden said, in all seriousness, “our economy is strong as Hell.”

Americans are struggling to pay for food and gas, and he thinks all is well. That’s what they’re going with – in the run-up to the election.

It sounds like some kind of Hail Mary Pass.

It didn’t even end there. She claims the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes nothing to stop inflation, will stop it next year. She referenced the tax rebates people will get if they buy climate-saving appliances. That assumes people have any money to buy appliances.

Also, how do tax credits fight inflation? It figures that they’d think spending money with small rebates will fight inflation.

If you’re wondering why our country is in freefall when the people in charge tell you to fight inflation by buying a new refrigerator for the tax credit or a very unaffordable electric car.

Food is unaffordable, so I’ll weatherize my home?

Pete Buttigieg spun it and then went to the jobs numbers.

Buttigieg claimed that the spending that caused the inflation created 10 million jobs. We lost 10 million jobs during the shutdowns, and 10 million returned. Joe Biden created nothing and never has created a thing.

Don’t worry, Joe’s on top of it. He’s blaming the world for inflation. It’s not the pressure on our fossil fuel industry, it’s not his wild spending, it’s not the sanctions, it’s the world.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 months ago

It’s gaslighting, trying to keep as many of its gullible voters in line as possible.

3 months ago

The world did it…

3 months ago

The Economy is on Strategic Petroleum Reserve and Deficit Spending life support and the backup Generator is about to run out of fuel in about 3 or 4 months.

The Government is telling us not to worry about this Winter, it will be mild. The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which uses Sun Spot Cycle data, says it would a colder than normal winter. I trust the Almanac!

Now if Traitor Joe can start WWIII it may be a bit warmer for a few hours, but in a few days we could be looking at a Mini Ice Age.

I don’t know what drugs the people in the Beltway are on but they are about as in touch with reality as someone on LSD.