DOJ is preparing a new sentencing memo for General Flynn


We reported that General Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to one count of false statements in the Mueller hoax, is now stuck with that plea. Judge Emmet Sullivan, brutally rejecting his lawyer’s arguments, is scheduled to sentence him on January 28th. On top of this, the DOJ is asking for a delay in order to refile (see the request below). They also asked for a delay for Flynn to give him time to respond to the new sentencing memo. They aren’t doing that to exonerate him.


The D.C. U.S. Attorney requested a one week delay prior to submitting a second briefing for the sentencing of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

According to the filing, the DOJ is seeking a one week delay, from Dec 30th to January 6th. They are planning a new sentencing memorandum.

The DOJ now sees General Flynn as uncooperative because he tried to defend himself. That has led observers to conclude the DOJ will enhance the prior memo from December 2018 and ask for a more severe sentence.

In their sentencing memo of December 2018 the DOJ did not request prison time, arguing for a sentence “at the low end of the guidance range.”

The DOJ might now request a harsher sentence to include time in prison.


Flynn was set up by the Deep State but he admitted to lying twice. He retained Sidney Powell as his counsel, declared his innocence and alleged prosecutorial misconduct. He asked the court to dismiss the case based on the government’s bad behavior.

He let a motion to withdraw his guilty plea pass him by and waived his rights in connection with his guilty plea.

Judge Emmet Sullivan denied Flynn’s motions on Monday and unfairly slammed his attorney Sidney Powell. General Flynn is back where he was with his guilty pleas, ready to be sentenced by a judge with some questionable judgment.

It’s almost as if the judge wanted to make an example of Flynn’s attorney.

The judge refused to let General Flynn out of his plea deal and then said that his lawyer is a plagiarist. He had no support for that attack.

Flynn wanted to get out of his guilty plea based on “new information of improper conduct by the FBI in its Russian investigation as well as exculpatory information regarding his guilt,” Jonathan Turley wrote on his website.

Professor Turley was unimpressed with Judge Sullivan’s unsupported and gratuitous slap at Sydney Powell.

Sullivan claimed she was unethical. He claimed she lifted a portion of the motion from someone else and wrote — LCrR 57.26. Rule8.4(c) provides that “[i]t is professional misconduct for a lawyer to . . . [e]ngage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Powell cited and had a hyperlink to the source of that material.

Powell says that “the plagiarism accusation makes no sense.” She maintains that she used her own prior briefings and a brief written by a friend who was in fact cited.


US v Flynn – Govt Unopposed… by Techno Fog on Scribd

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