Donald Trump Might Not Be Able to Post Bonds in 2 Civil Cases – Update


Update: Donald Trump posted the $90 million bond in the E. Jean Carroll case.

Donald Trump asked for a delay in putting up the $91.63 million bond in the E. Jean Carroll case, with the deadline only a few days away. He also has to come up with nearly half a billion dollars in the Manhattan civil case. He reportedly doesn’t have the cash and might have to sell his assets, including his Manhattan buildings.

Donald Trump is looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties, and the cases are complete frauds.

E. Jean Screengrab

Partisan US District Judge Lewis Kaplan wrote in his ruling, “Mr. Trump’s current situation is a result of his own dilatory actions.”

The federal jury in the absurd E. Jean Carroll case came up with the figure without any basis other than Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Donald Trump was found liable for unproven sexual abuse.

Trump’s attorneys have filed motions for a new trial and asked for a bond reduced to $24.475 million. Judge Kaplan refused to delay the judgment. That is just vindictive.

President Trump can’t appeal until he posts bonds in these cases.

Attorney General Letitia James was booed at a fire department promotion ceremony in a church today.  They cheered Donald Trump. She’s responsible for the nearly half-billion-dollar fraud judgment after having run for office on getting Trump.

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