Donald Trump Responds to J6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson


The Jan. 6 panel’s process to “investigate” the riot is unforgivable. It’s purely partisan, or they would have put real Republicans on the committee and looked at all aspects of the case. Nancy Pelosi would have been compelled to present her communications from the day of the riot, and there would have been witnesses, lawyers, and due process. There was none of that. It goes completely against the American Constitution and traditions.

On Jan. 6, Donald Trump gave a typical stump speech. Before that, he says – with witnesses – that he offered the National Guard troops to Pelosi. The offer was refused. However, Pelosi did have the wherewithal to ignore pleas for help from the head of the Capitol Police, and she lined up her daughter, the filmmaker, to record what some say was a staged performance.

Donald Trump is considering complying with a congressional subpoena issued by the House Select Witch Hunt Committee. It was issued on the last day of the panel’s televised performances for maximum impact less than a month before the election.

On Thursday, the select committee voted 9-0 to subpoena testimony and documents from the former president.

This is a question about accountability to the American people,” Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said. “He must be accountable.”

Trump responded on his Truth Social website. Read his response below.

Notorious liar Maggie Haberman of The Hitler/Stalin-loving New York Times reported, “Since it became public that the House select committee planned to subpoena Trump for his testimony, the former president has been telling aides he favors doing so, so long as he gets to do so live, according to a person familiar with his discussions.” She could have made that up. The woman is unreliable.

“However, it is unclear whether the committee would accept such a demand,” Haberman noted.

Read the Trump Letter here or on the tweet.


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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

Maybe they raided his home to steal from him any documents he might use against them when he will testify.

It is like tying his hands behind his back before a boxing match.

1 year ago

The J6 Committee is a Dog and Pony show to try and coverup a Democrat Election Steal. The Democrat Party needs to be designated a Criminal organization and an Enemy of the State, then disbanded. Many of the Party Leaders are compromised by the Communist Chinese Government and MUST be tried for Treason; up to and including the President and his Family.

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek
1 year ago

Trump’s letter, photos and evidence not only proves that the 2020 election was stolen but also proves the Jan 6 committee as being the real insurrectionists who belong behind bars if not lined up before a firing squad.