Donald Trump responds to massive correction in Washington Post Story


We reported earlier about the massive correction in a Washington Post story. The Post admitted that Donald Trump did not demand a Georgia investigator “find the fraud.” The information was revealed in an audiotape of the call only recently released, months after the fact.

CNN reported after we posted the story that the audio file of the December 23 call between the former President and investigator Frances Watson was discovered as the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office responded to a public records request.

Watson told CNN affiliate WSB-TV’s investigative reporter Mark Winne that she had recorded the December call from Trump for posterity.

Watson had, for some reason, moved the audio of the call to her trash folder, but Watson told Winne that even though she was surprised Trump called her, she did not perceive any pressure from his phone call.


Former President Trump appreciated the correction and called the story a hoax, which it appears to be.

He called for a more thorough probe of voter and signature verification in Fulton County and an investigation into the Stacey Abrams machine.

Trump also criticized the illicit consent decree between the secretary of state Raffensperger and Abrams and approved by Governor Kemp. It’s a mystery why it would have been approved.

His last paragraph hit the media: “You will notice that establishment media errors, omissions, mistakes, and outright lies always slant one way–against me and against Republicans. Meanwhile, stories that hurt Democrats or undermine their narratives are buried, ignored, or delayed until they can do the least harm–for example, after an election is over. Look no further than the negative coverage of the vaccine that preceded the election and the overdue celebration of the vaccine once the election had concluded. A strong democracy requires a fair and honest press. This latest media travesty underscores that legacy media outlets should be regarded as political entities — not journalistic enterprises. In any event, I thank the Washington Post for the correction.”

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