Dr. Paul: Fauci perjured himself before Congress, gets gain-of-function banned


Dr. Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky, said that he believes Dr. Anthony Fauci perjured himself over the gain-of-function research NIH helped fund in China. If you listened to the testimony and grilling of Dr. Fauci by Rand Paul, you know he did.

Thanks to Dr. Paul, a bill passed the Senate yesterday — to loud applause — to ban gain of function research. [Why do we need gain of function when the negative outweighs the good? And we’re helping the CCP develop it as a bioweapon.]

Since Nancy Pelosi got earmarks back, Senator Paul is back pointing to the waste.

You can see it all in the tweet videos below. Senator Paul is a treasure and he has courage. He’s not a phony like most congressmen.


Here is a clip from the original grilling:

Rand Paul Gets It Banned:

Senator Paul and the waste book:



  1. Fellow traveler Fauci will deliver the prize of Chiquitastan to his paymasters by any means necessary.
    PRC needs the land and resources from those whitey cracka kulak untermenschen scum and will resort to conquest if need be.
    With the valuable fifth column of infiltraitors, it probably won’t be necessary.

  2. So, Fauci clearly, without a doubt perjured himself. So why isn’t he in Jail? Well, he’s not only a Democrat, but a Bureaucrat. Is this really a country Americans want to live in? A country were there is no equal justice under that law where you don’t just buy justice, but have the Status of Nobility if you are a Bureaucrat in the Democrat Party. And why would you vote for a Democrat when you won’t get justice at all if someone in the Nobility Class dislikes you.

  3. We just had 4 years of the most irresponsible law enforcement at the federal level in US history. With the awful precedent that Republicans Sessions and Barr set, there is no chance Fauci faces any investigation much less prosecution by the DOJ. Barr had 9 months to investigate Fauci, in the midst of serious allegations, and he of course failed the nation.

    In another IS article, Intel was involved in suppressing information. Intel includes Barr.

    • The reason the gain of function research was “transferred” from US BioLabs to Wuhan lab was because it was against the rules and they knew it. Nothing will happen to Fauci as you say. This is all theater. The Republicans are as complicit as the Democrats in the DC sewer. Are you aware the COVID-19 “patent” is owned by the CDC? Review everything you can find by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Francis Boyle. Mikovits book: Plague of Corruption. Mikovits has long history with crooked Fauci and she warned us. No one in DC would listen. It was about getting rid of Trump and control over us. Another reference: plandemicseries.com

      The world and USA have been scammed by Soros and the Communist Party. DC was complicit and now their covering their ass!

    • This outfit didn’t report what Mikovits was warning about or Dr. Francis Boyle was warning. None of the media was reporting about Dr. Judy Mikovit’s warnings. The only media reporting it was in Australia and infowars.com

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