Dr. Peter McCullough Stripped of All Board Certifications for Wrongspeak


Dr. Peter McCullough was widely recognized as one of the most esteemed cardiologists in the world. He is the author of 677 articles published in scientific peer-reviewed journals. He committed an unforgivable sin by coming out as deeply concerned about the COVID response.

He is also an internist and dared to criticize the response to COVID-19 and the use of vaccines.

Dr. McCullough was stripped of his role as Editor-in-Chief of the Cardiorenal Journal and was stripped of all of his board certifications despite a perfect record.

The government has lied continually to Americans. That is a proven fact. Dr. McCullough should not be banned for disagreeing with these people. Let us hear different opinions from esteemed doctors and make our own decisions.

On Saturday, Dr. McCullough informed Steve Kirsch that he was terminated as the Editor-In-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine on Friday:

I was terminated as the Editor-In-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine after years of service and rising impact factors.  There was no phone call, no board meeting, no due process.  Just e-mails or certified letters.  Powerful dark forces are working in academic medicine to expunge any resistance to the vax.

Yesterday I was stripped of my board certifications in Internal Medicine and Cardiology after decades of perfect clinical performance, board scores, and hundreds of peer reviewed publications.

None of this will stop until there is a “needle in every arm.”

The following is the announcement. The Journal lied, perhaps more for their own sake than any concern about Dr. McCullough.

Journal lies

A lawsuit was filed by the AAPS Educational Foundation to stop retaliation by Medical Specialty Boards for wrongspeak.

Twitter also dropped Dr. McCullough. He said the COVID vaccines don’t stop transmission.

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2 months ago

This is shocking and brings into the open that some medical journals and controlling bodies also have a hand in pushing a poison. It cannot be called a vaccine. The booster introduces some 86 bacteria plus other very questionable ingredients into a seriously compromised immune system inundated with having to fight billions of continually produced spike protein particles. I have a relation who had his booster and a week later got the most severe pneumonia which is proving difficult to shift.
Where is the vaccine in the booster shot?

3 months ago

This is Hamilton’s system of mercantilism at work.

John Vieira
3 months ago

Guess we are going to be ‘reset’…like it or not…

3 months ago
Reply to  John Vieira

comment deleted.

Last edited 3 months ago by Nunya
3 months ago

Academia is nothing but a bunch of prostitutes and Big Pharma screws the Academic Community on a regular basis. The worst part is the Academic Community enjoys it because they have no morals.