Drs Fauci & Birx might be getting sidelined as Trump pushes for re-opening


Press bookings for Drs. Fauci and Birx will be moved from Vice President Pence’s office to the White House press and communications departments. This is taking place because President Trump will push states and businesses to reopen the economy.

Even though the White House team denies it, Tony and Deb are being sidelined. They will gradually be buried by economic gurus.

Dr. Fauci is always making assumptions and predicting an “inevitable” return of the virus. He can’t know that with certainty but claims to know (see below).

Kayleigh McEnany and Alyssa Farah are now in charge of communications at the White House.

As part of this shift and her new job, McEnany is doing frequent television interviews and occasional press gaggles outside the White House and will continue her Twitter presence as the nation starts to reopen. Farah will handle big-picture media strategy around the reopen and the messaging throughout the government around it, and will support and highlight the work of the task force.

Farah, who was previously press secretary at the Pentagon and is the former press secretary for Pence, supervises a roughly 25-person communications team that also oversees all TV bookings for the administration. Farah’s team will now coordinate and approve TV requests for Fauci and Birx, but their TV appearances will still be booked by Pence’s team.


Birx and Fauci will still be out on TV and will continue to play an important role on the task force, they say, but the administration’s economic experts like National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Trump economic adviser Kevin Hassett and senior adviser Ivanka Trump will be increasingly talking more about the economic reopening and rebuild, according to the official.

No disrespect but both doctors really need to take a back seat. We need to re-open and they don’t seem to want that for months.

We are watching the downfall of our economic system and people are joining food lines.

Dr. Fauci gets doom and gloomy here. The mask shaming is also covered:

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