Dummies at Miller Lite Abandon Their Feminist Ad After Backlash


The marketing dummies at Miller Lite put up an ad to sell beer that mimics the failed Dylan Mulvaney ad for Bud Light. They tried to sell beer by celebrating Woke Women’s History Month. These corporations are trying to sell a product to customers they hate.

Megyn Kelly put up a funny segment with three guys who were mocked it. The ad went viral for all the wrong reasons. The Miller Lite ad is a feminist ad starring a heavily dressed, moderately agreeable-looking woman trying to sell beer by dissing beautiful women in bikinis. She probably hates men if she’s representing leftist feminism.

Do any of these marketers know what a woman is? Why don’t we send them the definition?

Dr. Turley found out why Miller Lite jumped the shark. It seems chief marketer Sofia Colucci is a true believer of all things far left. Dr. Turley goes through it on the clip below.

Corporations are very far removed from their market, and it’s beginning to show.

After the backlash, Sofia Colucci, chief marketing officer for Molson Coors, which owns Miller Lite,  had to delete all the social media account pages.

As of Tuesday, Colucci’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages were all either nonexistent or temporarily disabled. Older posts published by Colucci and republished by the Daily Caller showed her and the Miller Lite brand’s support for the COVID-19 vaccine, in addition to her own complimentary statements toward comments made by former President Barack Obama in wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in 2020.

Politicizing even the beer we drink is not going to work if people stand up to it. In this case, Miller Lite wanted their high ESG ratings at the expense of their customers. They are blue-state marketers in red states, and they better get with it, or they won’t sell much beer.

Miller Lite does stupid:

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