Durham’s Report: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied, Brace for More Coups


The Durham Report is out, and it’s gone. I couldn’t find it in the print papers except for dishonest portrayals, and the media seems to have deep-sixed it. We will hear about it when they want to discredit John Durham and his report. Justice delayed is justice denied. Expect more coups.

Durham confirmed what we knew. The FBI lied, schemed, spied, and investigated like Levrentiy Beria and put out false stories like Joseph Goebbels, but no one died, went to prison, or will even be demoted or lose their pension. Instead, we have a letter in their file that the media will rebut.

Hillary Clinton’s response was to do more of the same. She posted a pack of lies about Kevin McCarthy. When there’s no accountability, nothing changes.


The bureaucrats ruled and continue to rule. They just mock us these days because they are in charge. As Durham said, everyone in the administration and most in the media knew the truth. No one cared about the truth.

Can we break them up? Maybe, if Republicans ever win another presidential election, and that is in doubt as millions of illegal alien Democrats pour into the country.

After Kevin Clinesmith suffered a little for a short time at Durham’s hands, KT McFarland told us what would happen to the Durham report.

K.T. McFarland was asked about and said what we are all thinking. If Durham finds anything, it will likely be “buried underneath the Potomac.”

When Durham ran out the clock on indictments and dragged his feet on everything, we knew the timing of the report, if it ever came, will be when it was least effective.

When John Durham publicly stated that he disagreed with some to the conclusions reached by Inspector General Horowitz, he got a threatening message from Eric Holder.

Durham did something similar in the Whitey Bulger – Robert Mueller case, which we wrote about here. Durham only goes so far, and it’s never far enough.

This was a coup, and they got away with it, which means it will happen again and again. They’re already planning it for 2024. If it’s not against Donald Trump, it will be against any Republican.


Years ago, Eric Holder sent a chilling warning to John Durham in an op-ed for The Washington Post. His comments came in the op-ed after he called Attorney General Bill Barr “unfit.”

Holder wrote:

As a former line prosecutor, U.S. attorney, and judge, I found it alarming to hear Barr comment on an ongoing investigation led by John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, into the origins of the Russia probe. And as someone who spent six years in the office Barr now occupies, it was infuriating to watch him publicly undermine an independent inspector general report — based on an exhaustive review of the FBI’s conduct — using partisan talking points bearing no resemblance to the facts his own department has uncovered.

When appropriate and justified, it is the attorney general’s duty to support Justice Department components, ensure their integrity and insulate them from political pressures. His or her ultimate loyalty is not to the president personally, nor even to the executive branch, but to the people — and the Constitution — of the United States.

Career public servants at every level of the Justice Department understand this — as do leaders such as FBI Director Christopher A. Wray and Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Their fidelity to the law and their conduct under pressure are a credit to them and the institutions they serve.

Others, like Durham, are being tested by this moment. I’ve been proud to know John for at least a decade, but I was troubled by his unusual statement disputing the inspector general’s findings. Good reputations are hard-won in the legal profession, but they are fragile; anyone in Durham’s shoes would do well to remember that, in dealing with this administration, many reputations have been irrevocably lost.

Mr. Durham investigated, but he was never going to recommend punishment, for whatever reason. He is part of the system.


The media is lying as they bury the Durham Report. WaPo refers to Bill Barr’s outlining of the report before it was posted and claims “while undoubtedly reflecting poorly on the FBI, [the results’ don’t live up to Barr’s hype.”

AP says it “gives fodder to Trump supporters,” but Trump opponents will point out that Durham has a “meager court record – one guilty plea and two acquittals at trial – as proof that the probe was a politically motivated farce.”

ABC and NBC insist the Russiagate probe was needed.

The media is not news; it’s leftist activism. It has almost nothing to offer. All the media is owned by five companies that think alike.

Ric Grennell discussed the report on Rob Schmitt’s show. No one will report his comments beyond Newsmax.

“Justice delayed is justice denied, in my opinion,” Grennell said. He said this is the time we must fight for our freedom.

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6 months ago

Durham should have had a Grand Jury in the Heart of America (a Red State) and produced at least 2 dozen high level indictments.

I’m still hoping for Biden will not get a Deal and try to default to save the Bureaucrat State. The Government takes in more than enough money to pay the Interest, Social Security, Medicare, and the Military. The military needs some cuts. Traitor Joe will need to prioritize spending if the Debt Ceiling isn’t increased.

If just one round of Social Security checks are late, over 69 Million People will call for Biden’s head on a Platter. There will be an Impeachment or preparation for a very nasty Civil War.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 months ago

I was going to post a long comment but here is the short version

Democrats will eventually go too far ( like say, throw Trump in prison or steal too many elections ) and there will be a real insurrection, an armed one, that will degenerate into a civil war.

Eventually a straw will break the camels back, the fuse will blow.

6 months ago

Durham’s toothless report served no purpose other than to assure the Deep State they have carte blanche to keep right on going, coup after coup after coup.

As for Jake Tapper’s saying the report is “devastating for the FBI,” I say, how so? Just how exactly will the report devastate the FBI? They’ll just shrug and laugh and carry on with their treachery. After all, nobody’s watching the watchers, and they know it. We all know it.

Last edited 6 months ago by Blank
The Prisoner
The Prisoner
6 months ago

We are not additionally disappointed over the Durham report because we knew he had failed us. He deserves no excuses. He had full authority to prosecute. The justice here is delayed forever.

Durham should have been willing to risk his life to go after the criminals. He is no Paul Revere, he is closer to a Benedict Arnold.

Faux News built up the drama and increased their ratings by covering Durham with their speculative gossip segments.