Durham Report Exposes Lies by Adam Schiff, a Future Senator


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), then-Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, claimed he had seen evidence of Trump’s Russian collusion. Naturally, he couldn’t share it with us. Now that the Durham Report is out, there was nothing to show Russian collusion unless you count Hillary Clinton and her lawyer indirectly working with a Kremlin-tied spy.

This vicious liar and smear mechant with no regard for our Constitution is running for the Senate. And he will likely win. That is the state of America today.

George Washington Law professor Jonathan Turley is demanding some answers from Schiff.

“Given Durham’s findings that there was no basis for the actions taken by the FBI in launching this investigation, this would be a good time for former House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff to reveal that evidence he said showed the Russian collusion,” Turley declared.

The Russia collusion investigation was a massive hoax based on dirty documents indirectly supplied by Hillary Clinton and her lawyer.

It should be deeply troubling that the FBI proceeded with this investigation when there was no evidence for years. It had the effect of smearing Donald Trump for years. Given this information, there is no doubt it was deliberate.

Meanwhile, the Durham Report also showed that the Obama/Biden team was fully aware of the Clinton plan to smear Trump. They were all apprised.

They’re doing it again right now with Jack Smith as their hitman. The fact that they continue to do it should be a terrifying warning to Americans.

The AP tried to dismiss this as not the “crime of the century,” as Donald Trump described it. It is truly one. The Constitutional Republic behaved like a Haiti dictatorship to overturn the government. They knowingly used false documents provided by a political opponent.

Truth Matters Adam Shifty Schiff?

Schiff has evidence of collusion:

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