Economics professor spreads Soviet propaganda on Twitter


Kyle Becker called Professor Asatar Bair a “scumbag” and indeed that is the case. Bair is a California economics professor spreading lies and Soviet, literally Soviet, propaganda on Twitter.

Dorsey, @Jack, has no problem with this, just Donald Trump and everyone on the Right. It tells you where he’s coming from. Maybe he should quit the drugs.

The Soviets under Stalin were monsters. Stalin was a monster.

Bair wrote on Twitter:

People say I ‘idolize’ Stalin. Not true, I hold a fair and balanced view. The man was neither savior nor saint, but he was, at once, a very successful revolutionary, a great contributor to Marxist theory, and said to be a great listener and collaborator during discussions

and then there are his successes as a leader. First, the foresight to fear a belligerent German fascism, then the tactical ability to successfully defeat the world’s greatest invading army, combined with the strength to make tough decisions that have no easy answers

I simply think one should read everything the man wrote and then make up your own mind

I would certainly conclude that he is one of the great leaders of the 20th c though

Is this man insane? Stalin was always a vicious ruler who only joined with the Allies because Hitler was coming for him. Without Britain and the US, Stalin was done.

When one of Stalin’s victims tweeted back, Bair wrote this:

The responses were better than I could come up with:

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