Elizabeth Warren will give free Day Care to EVERY NEWBORN


Hard-left socialist Elizabeth Warren is planning a wealth tax and plans to do an awful lot with it. That will be difficult when the rich move out of the country to avoid her taxes. She plans to spend the money on Day Care for every newborn in the country.

If it’s “every newborn” in the country, she must mean illegal aliens too.

Therefore, if she is in charge, the government will have your children from birth, and it will cost plenty. When the government pays, they control.

She is always so angry, always screaming.

Warren made the promise to the National Education Association (NEA) at a 2020 forum in Houston. She claims it will be a two-cent tax on every dollar on every $50 million levied against 75,000 of the top earners in the United States.

The rich in some states like New York already pay 60% or more in taxes.

“The tax would raise more than $1 trillion, Warren said, enough to pay for childcare for every baby in this country from newborns to 5-year-olds, universal pre-kindergarten for every 3-and-4-year-old child, and tuition-free technical school, community college and four-year college for everyone who wants a higher education.

“Plus, we can cancel student loan debt for 95% of people,” Warren added.

Warren always sounds so nasty. She’s also unrealistic.

She also said this week that she was going to boost the salaries of all women of color. It’s a plan to social engineer contract work for the federal government.

Kamala Harris, as part of the Democrat candidate giveaway, is trying to compete by offering a $100 billion giveaway to “close racial homeownership.” The money would help cover down payments and closing costs for up to four million families or individuals, providing a maximum of $25,000 each.

Communist Bill de Blasio will give free full-day 3-K education and make it into a “universal right.” That’s the spiel he gave the NEA. He said he’s “walking the walk” in New York City. He’s also ruining the city.

He wants it to be a big government responsibility.

Communist Bernie Sanders wants every teacher paid $60,000 a year.

All of these people are talking communism to some degree. If the Democrats get back in, they will destroy the country in record time.

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