Enough is Enough! Massive London Lockdown Protests


Enough is enough!

Thousands of people descended on London’s Hyde Park on Saturday afternoon in the latest round of protests against Covid lockdown measures. The music industry has called for some of the protests.

The crowds of protesters marched through Oxford Street, Regent Street, Hyde Park, and Northumberland Avenue as they held placards reading ‘freedom is not for trade’, ‘no to Covid vaccine’ and ‘no to the Covid passport’.

Demonstrators also made their way to Downing Street, with crowds setting off flares and chanting loudly with people heard shouting “shame on you” and pointing towards Number 10, followed by prolonged booing.

Better to wake up late than never. Lockdowns must never happen again. They didn’t work and they destroyed lives. Plus, they weren’t based on the science. The world was lied to for China’s own good.

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