Antifa terrorists own the streets of Portland as police retreat


Antifa terrorists own the streets of Portland. The police are in full retreat. This is happening because of the Democrat mayor and the lax enforcement he demands.

Thank a Democrat for turning our streets into dangerous territory. Democrats weaken law enforcement at the same time they attempt to disarm us.

Democrats will tell you Antifa are not Democrats. It is true they are communist anarchists, but outside of one critical comment by Pelosi, Democrats do not criticize these people who do their dirty jobs for them. In fact, the NY Times has lauded their cool attire, Chris Cuomo and Joe Biden have complimented them, and more.

Joe Biden launched his campaign on the Charlottesville hoax and called Antifa “courageous young Americans.” Chris Cuomo stood up for them for “fighting hate.”

We know there are domestic terrorists in Antifa, yet the NY Times glamorized them. In an article for Style, titled, “What to wear to smash the state”, the author focuses on their “look” and their stylish black clothing and boots.

Here’s more [ Democrat Tim Kaine’s son is antifa]:

The fact that Democrats in Democrat cities do nothing to stop Antifa most of the time should say a lot.


Antifa terrorists tried to push this woman in front of a moving car, but police did nothing. “You’re in the road and you need to get out,” one said:

A local citizen journalist was harrassed and the police did nothing.

The reason citizen journalists cover this is because mainstream journalists were told to not cover Antifa.

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3 years ago

It is becoming very similar to San Francisco in the late 1800’s. City police and government in bed with the criminals. The citizens got to the point that they formed committees of vigilance or vigilante. The would catch the miscreants and hang them. It didn’t take too long before the situation was reversed. The Dumicrats have always put down vigilantism as a bad thing. The real reason it happens is that good people get fedup with the lack of criminal control on the part of the government.

Rainbow Clown Wig
Rainbow Clown Wig
3 years ago

They do call themselves the People’s Republic of Portland and not in an ironic way.
As long as the dope is good and the stupidphones work we’ll virtue signal ourselves to the glorious people’s collective utopia.

Mark Desade
Mark Desade
3 years ago

Thank God we have the Second Amendment. When they come to our city, we intend to use it.

3 years ago

When the authorities in these democrat cities refuse to stop the hooliganism, the citizens must step up.

Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton p. Gildersleeve
3 years ago
Reply to  huapakechi

The Mayor of Portland would be well advised to enforce the law and protect innocent civilians because I promise that in the event the Mayor or governor refuses to enforce the law and does not protect innocent poeple and my precious children or grandchildren are seriously harmed by the ANTIFA thugs, there will be no place safe for the Mayor or governor. and you can take this to the FBI and they can suck on it.

Michael James
3 years ago

This is the neo-bolshevic revolution just like in Russia 1917. The democrat party is all on board with it. It must be crushed completely and thoroughly. In America we don’t allow isis terrorists to take over our streets, and we shouldnt allow neo-bolshevic antifa terrorists to take over our streets. Trump MUST take control and take firm measures to put an end to it. antifa and those that back them are trying to OVERTHROW our constitutional republic, that is an obvious fact. They MUST BE ROUNDED UP!!!!! Sitting back and just watching it all happen is the height of stupidity and cowardice! The whole world is watching and wondering WHY is nothing being done about it???